Tuesday 31 January 2023

YOU HAVE TO MAKE UP FOR BACK WORK: Hunter Biden Threatened To Withhold Assistant’s Pay If She Refused To FaceTime Him For Sex


Hunter Biden’s vices go beyond his addiction to crack and partaking in criminal activity with his father. The Daily Mail today released several messages and emails from Hunter’s infamous laptop that show he refused to help a former employee financially unless she participated in video sex with him.

The young employee, who was 29 at the time, worked for Hunter’s law firm from 2018 to 2019. The woman had several important tasks at Hunter’s firm, including retrieving Burisma board documents for Hunter to sign.

She also engaged in occasional sexual sessions with him with the first known one occurring around June 2018. Hunter that month photographed her holding his penis and lying naked on his bed.

He saved the photos on his abandoned laptop. 

Hunter, however, decided to stop paying the employee and discontinued her health insurance beginning in December 2018. Turns out Hunter wanted a few more favors in exchange for the woman’s ability to make a living.

Here is the rest of the story from The Daily Mail:

In January 2019, the woman emailed Hunter’s secretary asking why she had not received her December paycheck of $837.06 and why her company health insurance was not active.

Two months later he sent her $500 by Apple Pay and complained he had ‘really no money’ due to ‘alimony tuitions and other s**t like girls insurance etc’.

He invited her to New Hampshire but she told him: ‘I can’t afford the plane ticket and I barely can even make my rent this month.’

Days later he texted her saying he would pay her but that she had to video chat with him.

‘I will [m]ake up for back pay. You have to make up for back work. By FTiming me and/or going to our next-club party,’ Hunter wrote to his young employee.

‘When can you face time? If we FT the rule has to be no talk of anything but sex and we must be naked and we have to do whatever the other person asks within reason.’

In between the messages Hunter sent his assistant a total of $2,750 via Apple Pay.

The First Son asked his assistant to ‘Set phone up [so] I can spy on you showering’ and ‘Show me how you play with yourself’.

Imagine for a moment Donald Trump Jr. attempted to blackmail female employees for sexual favors at the Trump Organization. Is there any question he would already be in handcuffs?

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