Sunday 22 January 2023

US No Fly List Leaked After It Was Found in Unsecured Server – Includes Over One Million Names


A Swiss hacker named “maia arson crimew” leaked a copy of the US No Fly list after it was discovered recently in an open server.

The list from 2019 included over 1.5 million names and aliases.

The list was leaked on The Daily Dot.

Because the list is from 2019, it will not include the thousands of names of US patriots who were added to the list following the Jan. 6, 2021, protests in Washington DC. 

WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka told Tucker Carlson earlier this week that hundreds of Trump supporters were added to the “no fly list” following the 2021 DC protests.

VICE reported:

A copy of the U.S. No Fly List has leaked after being stored on an unsecure server connected to a commercial airline. The No Fly List is an official list maintained by the U.S. government of people it has banned from traveling in or out of the United States on commercial flights.

As first reported by The Daily Dot, a Swiss hacker known as maia arson crimew discovered the list on an unsecured Jenkins server one night while poking around on Shodan, a search engine that lets people look through servers connected to the internet.

On the server was a large amount of company data about CommuteAir, including the private information about its employees. There was also a file containing a copy of a 2019 edition of the No Fly List. The list includes names and birth dates and more than 1.5 million entries, but many of those entries are aliases that all reference the same person.“It’s so much bigger than I thought it’d be,” crimew told Motherboard.

“TSA is aware of a potential cybersecurity incident, and we are investigating in coordination with our federal partners,” a spokesperson for the TSA told Motherboard.

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