Wednesday 25 January 2023

“They Had to Accuse Trump of Colluding with Russia Because He Was the Only One Who Wasn’t” – Rep. Matt Gaetz in Incredible War Room Interview (VIDEO)

“The hero of the five days that changed America” Matt Gaetz joined the War Room this morning in one of the greatest interviews on the War Room to date.  

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz joined Steve Bannon on the War Room to discuss the recent Biden classified document revelations and the Deep State’s reaction to it.

Gaetz begins by recalling that Americans who saw the Russian Collusion sham for what it was were called conspiracy theorists because they were right and –

… Meanwhile Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell were saying that Donald Trump was a Russian agent and that they had more than circumstantial evidence that he was a Russian agent.  Well guess who the Russian agent was?  The FBI counter intelligence chief in New York who was involved in investigating Trump taking money from Oleg Deripaska. 

Gaetz then discussed how Robert Mueller tried to get $25 million out of Deripaska to go and free Bob Levinson and Deripaska pays the money.  But now we know that Deripaska was paying off an FBI Agent Charles McGonigal at the same time who was investigating the Trump – Russia lie.

The same guy that the Deep State used to try to shake down Matt Gaetz’s family was Bob Levinson.

They tried to shake down my father with a criminal scheme saying that we need $25 million to go rescue some guy named Bob Levinson otherwise we’re going to smear your son, Matt Gaetz.  And it turns out that it was the very same spy, Bob Levinson, and the very same dollar amount, $25 million, that Robert Mueller had asked from Deripaska.

But here’s what we know as a consequence of this revelation today.  Our FBI is corrupted by political interests domestically and compromised by foreign interests financially.  That’s how you have to evaluate the National Security state right now.

…By the way, I think they’re after Biden now.  Just because the Deep State and FBI were for Biden in 2024 doesn’t mean that they’re for him now…I think a lot of the stuff you’re seeing with the documents being unearthed is to get Biden out of the way because they would rather roll with Gavin Newsom or Kamala Harris or Mayor Pete than roll with this guy who’s clearly out of it.

Gaetz and Bannon then discussed the McGonigal case when Gaetz share this:

Here’s what I know as a Florida man.  When you see one cock roach run across the floor, there are ten behind the walls and the Russians did not run this play to compromise a senior counter intelligence official once. Especially if it worked…

…Jim Jordan put it best when this was going on.  They always accuse us of the stuff they’re doing.   And so it turns out they had to accuse Trump of colluding with Russia because he was the only one who wasn’t.

Gaetz shares Hillary was colluding with Russia and the FBI was colluding with Russia and they accused Trump of colluding with Russia.


This ought to be the biggest story in the world – that the United States cannot trust our national security apparatus because they are corrupt at home and they are compromised by cash abroad.

See this most excellent video below:

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