Saturday 14 January 2023

Nibiiwakamigkwe, Co-Founder of Queer Indigenous Artists’ Collective, Outed as White Woman Kay LeClaire


Kay LeClaire Image Screenshot Twitter @madison_365

What in the Elizabeth Warren is going on?

Kay LeClaire, who also went by the name Nibiiwakamigkwe to invoke affiliation with the Indigenous population,  is the co-founder of a queer Indigenous artists’ collective in Wisconsin.

LeCaire also identifies as a “two-spirit,” a term used within some Indigenous communities to indicate a “non-binary gender identity.” 

LeClaire has stepped down from community positions after being accused of being white.

The Daily Mail reports:

LeClaire has allegedly been profiting from the identities of Indigenous peoples, according to hobbyist genealogist AdvancedSmite as reported by Madison365.

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