Saturday 7 January 2023

Lt. General Flynn Gets Unbanned On Twitter!

 Lieutenant General Michael Flynn’s Twitter account has just been reinstated after being banned from the social media platform for two years.

Like many patriots after January 6th, Lt. Gen. Flynn was banned by far-left moderators on Twitter for violating Twitter’s “coordinated harmful activity” policy.

In Flynn’s first tweet back, he wrote “I want to personally thank Elon Musk for all he is doing to help protect our basic human rights, especially our freedom of speech. And thanks for allowing me back on Twitter.”

Flynn would continue “To all who offered their strong voices of support to bring me back, thank you! God Bless America!”


The far left media were enraged Flynn was unbanned on the anniversary of Janaury 6th.

Just take a look at some of their reactions:

Patriots however were thrilled Flynn was back on the platform.


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