Saturday 21 January 2023

Kamala Harris Caught on Camera Babbling Like a Complete Idiot Again


Kamala Harris was caught on camera babbling like a complete idiot again.

It makes you wonder to yourself, “What is her true talent? How did she make it so far?”

Kamala visited California on Friday following days of rain and torrential flooding. Kamala visited the DWP facility in Sun Valley to see how LA captures rain water after big storms.

Then she made the mistake of opening that mouth. 

Kamala started babbling about rain, and water storage, and climate change, and diversity. Good grief.

Kamala Harris: Dealing with the various issues that we are dealing with when we come across the climate crisis. The thing about water policy. Diversifying water policy. Understanding that we must have the ability to diversify our approach and our resources… We’re going to have days of immense water, of rain, of storms, of flooding. And then at the same time, we’re a state that has experienced for generations drought.

Why do they keep putting this woman in front of a microphone?

Via Midnight Rider.

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