Sunday 15 January 2023

Joe Biden Lies About Bringing Down Gas Prices Again – Gets Completely Ratioed

 On Friday night Joe Biden’s handlers put up another completely dishonest tweet about how they brought down gas prices and how they are helping American families.

It really is quite shocking.
Gas prices soared to record highs in the US in the last two years thanks to Joe Biden.

And prices today are still over $3.29 a gallon.

Joe Biden purposely destroyed the US energy sector starting on the first day he took office when he shut down construction on the Keystone Pipeline. The administration now admit Biden’s actions cost America thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in income. 

So when Joe Biden tweeted out today that he was saving families money — the tweet was quickly ratioed with more comments than likes.

And, for the record, how does a guy who “won” 81 million votes get only 2,000 retweets per tweet? And that’s with the algorithms working completely in his favor!

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