Tuesday 17 January 2023

Joe Biden Laughs as Reporters Shout Questions About Stolen Classified Documents Hidden in His Garage Next to His Corvette (VIDEO)


Joe Biden on Tuesday held a bilateral meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in the Oval Office.

“Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte told U.S. President Joe Biden on Tuesday that the Netherlands would offer Patriot missiles to Ukraine, a day after the top Dutch trade official balked at new U.S. restrictions on exporting chip-making technology to China.” Reuters reported.

Reporters shouted questions after Biden’s meeting with the Dutch Prime Minister.

Joe Biden laughed as he ignored the reporters shouting questions about the stolen classified documents stored in his garage next to his Corvette.   


It appears Joe Biden’s lawyers told him to shut his big mouth about the classified documents scandal.

Last week Fox News reporter Peter Doocy masterfully got Joe Biden to admit he committed a crime.

Doocy asked Biden last week: “Classified materials next to your Corvette?! What were you thinking?”

“My Corvette’s in a locked garage so it’s not like it’s sitting on the street,” Biden said.

“So the material was in a locked garage?” Doocy asked Biden.

“Yes— as well as my Corvette,” Biden said.

Since the Doocy exchange Biden has clammed up and refuses to answer questions about the stolen classified documents stored at his home and private office.

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