Tuesday 24 January 2023

Fired Corrupt FBI Agent Peter Strzok Shows that He Is on the Wrong Side of the Law Again


Peter Strzok, the corrupt FBI Agent who was fired, is at it again.  He still thinks he is relevant after his numerous corrupt actions while at the FBI.

Strzok started his career long ago under the Clinton gang.  Strzok was part of a group of corrupt actors who took over and FBI and continued a long history of massive corruption at that entity.

Strzok eventually ended up at the FBI when President Trump was sworn in.  He was a key member of the corrupt Mueller gang and the Trump-Russia collusion scandal.  After years of lies from the media and criminal actions by the FBI we now know that the entire sham was created by the corrupt Hillary campaign and continued by the corrupt FBI Deep State, which Strzok was a member. 

Strzok was asked to share before Congress in an event where it seemed like the devil himself was being asked questions.  Eventually, one Congressman put Strzok on the spot.

Strzok was asked by Congressman Louie Gohmert about his concerns about China that Strzok claimed he didn’t remember.

After that and other remarks about not knowing about China and Hillary’s emails going to China.  Gohmert called out Strzok for lying to his wife about an affair with fellow employee Lisa Page.

Both bad actors went from the FBI to the criminal Mueller gang where they were removed after some of their text messages were shared with the media.

Strzok claimed he was being honest.  Gohmert was upset because he believed that Strzok was not being honest.  How could an FBI agent be provided information that China was capturing Hillary’s emails and not remember this being shared with them personally?

Today the same fired Peter Strzok offered his opinion on the felonies that Biden committed by stealing top secret classified documents from the government while VP under Barack Obama.

Strzok says that Biden committed no crimes but President Trump did.  This guy never stops.

Accorded to legal expert and attorney Mike Davis President Trump did nothing wrong with the documents he took with him when he left the White House.  The Presidential Records Act states that the President can take what he wants.  And the President has the right to classify and declassify records that he wishes.  These are the President’s prerogatives and no one can say otherwise.

Joe Biden was VP and he didn’t enjoy the same status when he stole documents from the government.  Biden is in serious trouble. 

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