Wednesday 18 January 2023

Cambridge, Massachusetts, Plans To Hold Youth Sports Event For Elementary School ‘Girlx’

 The city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is hosting a youth sports event for “girlx.”

The city announced that it would host the free event for elementary school children from kindergarten through 5th grade on Wednesday. The event is open to “girlx” who want to get involved in local sports. The city defines the world “girlx” as all who identify “as a girl or with girlhood,” in the same vein as other gender-inclusive neologisms like “womxn” and “Latinx.”

“Did you know that girlx who play sports are more likely to have better grades, high levels of confidence, and develop the critical skills necessary for success in the work place?” Cambridge posted in an announcement for the event last week. “The fun, free event is for families with girlx (anyone who identifies as a girl or with girlhood) in Kindergarten through 5th grade. It’s an opportunity for girlx to explore new sports, learn about existing teams, and enjoy prizes, pizza, games, and hands-on demonstrations.”

The event is scheduled for Wednesday at the War Memorial field house, a rec center near the campus of Harvard University. It is sponsored by Cambridge Commission on the Status of Women, the Office of the Mayor, and the Department of Human Services Programs.

A flyer for the event lists some of the sports available for “girlx” to try. They include basketball, cheerleading, football, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and softball, among others. A tweet from the city also states that “all participating girlx will receive one free swim pass to the War Memorial pool.”

Conservatives knocked the announcement, blasting the city for using “girlx” and comparing it to other constructed words like “Latinx.”

“2020: ‘Latinx’ 2023: ‘GIRLX,’” Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, mocked on Twitter.

“‘Girlx’ instead of ‘girls,’ because ‘Latinx’ worked so well,” podcaster Carl Benjamin added.

“There’s no such thing as girlx,” The Post Milennial editor-in-chief Libby Emmons said. “And what does it mean to ‘identify with girlhood’?”

“Girlx meanz its also for boyx,” one user wrote.

“Girlx* night, how fun,” one user account associated with the activist group Children’s Health Rights of Massachusetts tweeted. “The cult leaders have taken over. This is despicable and insulting to girls’ sports.

On Monday, The Daily Wire reported that middle school students at the Twality Middle School near Portland, Oregon, were allowed to skip class in order to watch a TV show about a 12-year-old boy who identifies as a girl. The school held a “watch party” for the show, entitled “First Day.” The drama series premiered in Australia in 2020, and tells the story of the transgender preteen who “not only has to navigate the challenges that come with starting a new school, but find the courage to live as her most authentic self,” the show’s IMDb page reads.

The TV-watching session happened during the middle school’s “Transgender Awareness Week” held from November 13 to 19. Students skipped their last two class periods that Friday to watch the show’s first two episodes.

The school will eventually play the entire series, Twality said in one of several PowerPoint presentations shown to students, according to a public records request viewed by The Daily Wire.

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