Friday 20 January 2023

BOOM: Byron Donalds Reminds Democrats Of Their Senator Who “Lied About His Service” (VIDEO)


This is how you stand up to the Democrats and mainstream media.

GOP Rep Byron Donalds responded to questions about GOP Rep George Santos by showing the hypocrisy on the part of Democrats.

Donalds brought up Richard Blumenthal lying about his service in Vietnam yet still serving in the Senate.

Video (partial transcript below)  

From the video above:

“Byron Donalds: In this country, you are still innocent until proven guilty. There have been members whose issues have come up in the past and they were allowed to be on their committees, to be sat on committees, and then the legal process takes hold and we make adjustments, so that is probably what is going to happen today.

Reporter: Are you joining any of the members calling on him to resign?

Donalds: I’ve been clear I think that is something between him and his voters. It’s unfortunate what has occurred but I mean look Richard Blumenthal who is still a senator lied about his service. He’s still a senator today.”

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft previously called out the Democrats for their hypocrisy on George Santos.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

George Santos is standing strong. Santos also cosponsored legislation for term limits.

Santos told Matt, “I came here to serve the people, not party leaders and politicians. And I’m going to do that. And, I’ve been doing just that these entire two weeks… They want to stay here forever. I don’t want to stay here forever. I want to come here and do the best I can with the time I have and deliver for the American people. That’s what they elected me to do and that’s what I’m going to give them…”

Santos ended his remarks with this wish for his GOP detractors, “I just pray for all of you when they come for you, you have the same strength I have.”

Bravo, Representative Santos! Bravo!

Until these weasel hypocrites in the GOP start demanding Liz Warren, the fake Indian, or Ilhan Omar, who married her brother, to step down, they can keep their mouths shut on George Santos.

Good job Byron Donalds!

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