Friday 9 December 2022

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Makes Shocking Request of Elon Musk – What Does He Know?

 The dramatic revelations coming out of the “Twitter Files” haven’t stopped yet, and the developing side stories are a look at just how far the Democratic National Committee and other powerful forces wielded their influence over social media platforms to shape narratives and influence elections.

The most recent evidence that there is something yet to be uncovered came in a peculiar request from Twitter’s founder, Jack Dorsey, to its new CEO, Elon Musk. Dorsey suggested that instead of releasing a limited number of internal documents over a period of weeks, it would be better to release them all now.

“If the goal is transparency to build trust, why not just release everything without filter and let people judge for themselves? Including all discussions around current and future actions? Make everything public now,” Dorsey tweeted Wednesday.

The request came in response to Musk’s last tweet regarding the Twitter Files, in which Musk announced he would need more time to release the next tranche of documents.

What makes Dorsey’s request even more intriguing is that toward the end of his reign at Twitter — he left the company last November — he had a falling out with Twitter’s board, according to the New York Post.

An investor group called Elliott Management, which Dorsey described as an “activist” group, tried to force him out of Twitter starting in 2020.

In a series of text messages between Dorsey and Musk that were released as part of Twitter’s previous lawsuit against Musk when he backed out of the purchasing deal earlier this year before eventually going through with it, Dorsey expressed great interest in getting Musk on Twitter’s board.

“Back when we had the activist come in, I tried my hardest to get you on our board, and our board said no,” a March text from Dorsey to Musk read.

Dorsey explained in another text why he believed the board wouldn’t go for it. “I think the main reason is the board is just super risk averse and saw adding you as more risk, which I thought was completely stupid and backwards,” Dorsey wrote.

The question remains: Does Dorsey want something from that turbulent time to be released for public consumption? It sure sounds that way.

That’s an interesting thought given the most recent developments concerning the Twitter Files, which it now appears could have been sanitized by former Twitter general counsel James Baker, a former high-level FBI lawyer who was in charge of the failed Russian collusion investigation.

Baker was fired on Tuesday after it was discovered that he had vetted the Twitter Files before they were released.

Musk admitted he had no idea that the Twitter Files had gone through Baker’s office until several days after the first trove of documents was released.

Matt Taibbi, the journalist who reported on the first batch of files, revealed Tuesday that further updates would come out through Bari Weiss’ Twitter account. No timeline was provided.

There’s no telling what happens next, but it’s so critically important that the public gets the complete, unbiased picture of how Big Tech has played favorites for years. The results of such transparency could shape the future direction of this nation.

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