Tuesday 13 December 2022

Tucker Carlson Mocks Pete Buttigieg For Calling Roads ‘Racist’

 Fox News host Tucker Carlson mocked Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg Monday for calling roads “racist,” adding that Buttigieg was the “Jimmy Swaggart of climate clergy.”

“Buttigieg held up his right hand and swore an oath to Kamala Harris to be the best darn Secretary of Transportation he could be and he seemed to mean it, but not for long,” Carlson said. “Sadly, history soon intervened, just weeks into the job Buttigieg discovered that some of the roads he’s supposed to be overseeing, the roads he’s now secretary of, were in fact racist and not just low-grade got drunk and wrote insensitive Facebook posts ten years ago racist, not that kind of racism, no, these were hardcore David Duke-level nasty old segregationist roads.” 

Buttigieg launched a $1 billion project in June to address roads that supposedly “racially segregated or divided” black communities. President Joe Biden’s transportation secretary also claimed in April 2021 that “there is racism physically built” into some road projects.


“These were roads that refused to respond to reason and clearly had no intention of changing and joining the 21st century. Some of these roads literally had white stripes painted on them. White stripes. Jim Crow stuff. Buttigieg seemed shocked by the whole thing,” Carlson continued. “They don’t have roads like that back in South Bend, Indiana. So for Pete Buttigieg, it was a pivot point.”

Carlson said that Buttigieg reacted to the racism of roads by pushing to address climate change, especially decrying the use of fossil fuels. The Fox News host noted that Buttigieg and other prominent climate change activists, including former Secretary of State John Kerry, used private jets on multiple occasions.

“Reverend Pete is the Jimmy Swaggart of climate clergy. He was commanding you not to do it, at the same time he has been doing it himself in a very big way. Way more than you ever thought of doing it. Reverend Pete has sinned, oh boy has he, in a dark and very naughty way,” Carlson said. “In less than two years, Buttigieg has flown private at taxpayer expense nearly 20 times.

“He’s jetted to Ohio and Florida and New Hampshire among other places,” Carlson added. “In September, Buttigieg took an FAA jet to a Canadian gay rights ceremony to accept an award for his LGBTQ + advocacy, something else he’s been doing since he gave up on the roads. All this has been extremely expensive for you and every other taxpayer.”

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