Tuesday 13 December 2022

Travel Hell: Orlando International Airport Fuel Shortage May Impact Flights


Travel hell.

Orlando International Airport on Sunday announced a jet fuel shortage caused by weather issues along the Gulf Coast may impact flights.

The airport may continue to have supply issues through Tuesday.

Some airlines are adding extra stops for refueling. 

If you are traveling out of or to Orlando this week, it is advised to check your flight status with your airliner.

USA Today reported:

The Federal Aviation Administration is warning pilots that Orlando International Airport (MCO) is running low on fuel, and that could mean hiccups in the days ahead for travelers.

In an official notice, the agency said that the airport could continue having supply issues through about 7 p.m. Tuesday, and suggests that airlines should be prepared to operate flights into the airport with enough fuel on board to fly back out.

Some carriers are already making adjustments to their operations as a result, and at least one has issued a waiver for travelers heading to or from Orlando.

Airlines have already begun to respond. United Airlines said in a statement that some of its flights will be adding extra stops for refueling.

“Because of a shortage of fuel in Orlando that is impacting multiple airlines, we will add planned fuel stops on Sunday and Monday for some flights from Orlando. At this time we expect to operate our full schedule to get our customers to their destinations as planned,” a spokesperson for the airline said.

Southwest Airlines told USA TODAY it is not expecting any operational impacts to its flights.

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