Wednesday 7 December 2022

TODD RICKETTS: America Deserves A Better Alternative To Google’s Information Monopoly

 Ever wonder if you’re seeing the whole truth online? You are not alone. Google, and other Big Tech companies, have a monopoly on information. In fact, 90% of online searches are completed on Google.

And they can show us anything they want, with zero accountability. Indeed, they have a long track record of choosing sides on controversial issues.

Take these recent examples:

If America is going to survive as a free-thinking nation, we’re going to need a principled competitor to Google. We’re going to have to see all viewpoints on an issue, so we can think for ourselves.

We’re going to have to have a search engine that does not censor ideas. A search engine that treats us like adults.

Somebody has to provide this reliable alternative to Google. That’s why we started Freespoke. Freespoke is a new kind of search engine that shows you what Google won’t.

e don’t take sides. Instead, we show you everything, so you can decide for yourself. And Freespoke does not secretly collect your personal information or follow you around the internet like Google does.

We call it information independence.

If we continue down the path we’re on, the history your kids and grandkids read on the internet will be determined by Google. It’s the position sought by every authoritarian regime which understands that controlling information means controlling its populace. Generally, with terrifying results.

The United States was founded to stand against authoritarian power. Google’s power is turning authoritarian, and Freespoke is combatting this change and offering a better path.

Freespoke is the search engine you can trust to get all the results you need in one place. Try a search on Freespoke to see the difference.

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