Thursday 22 December 2022

The Real Goal of Zelensky’s Ukrainian War Effort Is “Zelensky Is Wanting Regime Change in Russia” – Tucker Carlson


The only people happy about Zelensky’s visit to Washington appear to be the politicians who love moving US taxpayer dollars overseas. 

The Conservative Treehouse described Zelensky’s actions as follows:

Volodymyr Zelenskyy arrived in DC earlier today to visit the White House and deliver a speech before a joint session of congress. Dressed in his customary casual attire, Zelenskyy demanded representatives of the American people adhere to his demands and provide more taxpayer funding regardless of public opinion.

Tucker Carlson also commented on Zelensky’s visit. 

Of course we know no one’s ever addressed the US Congress in a sweatshirt before but they love him much more than they love you…

Tucker mentioned that the welcome given to Zelensky reminds him of the welcome the crooks in Washington DC gave to Sam Bankman Fried.  Look at how well that went.

Tucker says that ultimately, it comes down to this:

Zelensky is wanting regime change in Russia, like in Iraq and Libya and a long list of failed states except this time in the heart of a landmass next door to the entire civilized world…

… The point [of Zelensky’s visit] was to fawn over the Ukrainian strip club manager and hand him billions more dollars from our own crumbling economy.  It is hard if not impossible to imagine a more humiliating scenario for the greatest country on earth.

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