Tuesday 27 December 2022

‘Shaky And Unattractive Wack Job’: Trump Criticizes Reporter Over Exposé On His Campaign


Former President Donald Trump criticized a New York Magazine reporter late Monday night after she wrote a piece on his campaign.

Olivia Nuzzi wrote an article, titled “Donald Trump’s Sad, Lonely Run for Reelection,” in which she claims to have spoken to anonymous campaign aides and officials, including the former president himself.

Nuzzi said Trump is “sensitive about smallness” and seemed “old” and “tired.”

One advisor Nuzzi allegedly spoke to, who remained anonymous, said Trump has nothing else to do. 

“He wants to be relevant and wants the limelight. He’s thirsty.”

Another unidentified alleged advisor said “the magic is gone,” while a different one claimed that “nobody around [Trump] wants him to do it,” according to Nuzzi’s report.

Trump spoke out about the report, saying none of her sources exist.

“I agreed to do a short telephone interview for a once very good but now on its ‘last legs’ and failing, New York Magazine,” Trump posted on Truth Social. “The reporter was a shaky & unattractive wack job, known as ‘tough’ but dumb as a rock, who actually wrote a decent story about me a long time ago. Her name, Olivia Nuzzi. Anyway, the story was Fake News, her ‘anonymous sources’ don’t exist (true with many writers) and I’m happily fighting hard for our GREAT USA!”

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