Wednesday 21 December 2022

REPORT: George Soros Non-Profits Gave Millions To Anti-Police Groups In 2021


The massive increase in crime in America over the last few years did not happen by accident. It was spread through a coordinated effort on the left to demonize the police.

Now we know that some of these groups got significant financial backing from George Soros affiliated organizations.

Is anyone surprised?

FOX News reports: 

George Soros nonprofits gave tens of millions to anti-police groups and initiatives in 2021, tax forms show

Nonprofits in liberal billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundations network dropped at least $35 million into anti-police groups and initiatives in 2021, tax forms reviewed by Fox News Digital show.

Soros views overhauling the criminal justice system as a high priority and has bankrolled numerous groups and initiatives working on such efforts in recent years. He has also financially backed dozens of far-left prosecutor candidates as part of the efforts.

The financier’s nonprofits continued the push in 2021 by passing large sums to groups that back defunding police, hubs used by progressive activists aiming to dismantle law enforcement, and even funding databases to track donations to police department foundations and unions.

“The Open Society Foundations is proud to have been one of the earliest and most robust supporters of efforts to address the issues of crime and public safety while protecting freedoms that Americans hold dear,” Laleh Ispahani, co-director of Open Society-U.S., told Fox News Digital. “We have supported reforms to our criminal justice system that enjoy broad support across the political spectrum. We believe that our freedoms are threatened when state actors are above the law, and that accountability is even more essential when they are given the right to use force on behalf of the government.”

Soros has also given tons of cash to Democrats.

All of the destruction we are witnessing is happening by design.

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