Saturday 3 December 2022

Nurse Sentenced to 6 Mos. in Prison After Injecting 10,000 Patients with Saline Rather than COVID Vaccine – Still Unclear How Many Came Down with COVID after Saline Shot


A German nurse was accused of injecting more than 10,000 patients with saline solution rather than the COVID-19 vaccine.

She was sentenced to 6 months probation this week.

The nurse was identified as Antje T, the 40-year-old Red Cross nurse from the German district of Friesland.

It is still unclear how many who were injected with the saline eventually came down with COVID-19. 

Look for authorities to hide this number from the public.

Via NDR Network and Just a Dude.

The district of Friesland corrected the number of people affected by the vaccination scandal upwards on Friday. According to this, 10,186 people should now be vaccinated.

There is a possibility that they are not fully vaccinated due to manipulation of the syringes by a 40 year old nurse. On Tuesday, 8,557 potential cases were still expected. District administrator Sven Ambrosy (SPD) explained that the other suspected cases became known through the examination of the accused nurse’s working hours. A comparison of the times previously known from the roster with the woman’s actual working hours revealed that she had taken on additional duties.

Investigations so far only in six cases
The people concerned would be informed by mail, it said. The public prosecutor said that six cases that the woman admitted were specifically determined. According to the investigators, witness statements showed that far more than six people who wanted to be vaccinated could be affected. How many people actually received saline instead of vaccine is unknown…

…More than 5,000 people registered for revaccination

It mainly affects people over the age of 70 who visited the vaccination center in Schortens between March 5th and April 24th . In addition, employees of hospices and mobile nursing services, educators and doctors were vaccinated during this period. According to the district, more than 5,000 people affected had registered for a catch-up vaccination by Friday. Several thousand people called the information hotline (0800) 0 00 51 60 . There is also one on the district’s websiteFind the FAQ info page.

It is unclear whether people who were supposedly vaccinated became infected with the corona virus after being injected with saline solution .

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