Wednesday 7 December 2022

Family Files $140 Million Suit Against Arches National Park After Gate Decapitates Daughter

 The husband of a woman decapitated by a metal gate at Arches National Park is suing for $140 million, accusing the park staff of negligence.

Esther Nakajjigo, 25, and her husband, Ludovic Michaud, visited Arches National Park in June 2020 when a gust of wind swung the arm of a hinged gate that smacked their car and hit Nakajjigo in the head, KSL News Radio reported. The gate killed her instantly, and barely missed her husband. Now, Nakajjigo’s husband is going after Park Service for not locking the gate, which park employees were supposed to secure, the lawsuit alleges.

Nakajjigo was a Ugandan humanitarian who had opened a nonprofit community health center, using her own money, the outlet reported. She was also working as an intern in Colorado. 

Nakajjigo and her husband married just months before her death, and they had plans to hold a wedding ceremony in Uganda as well, Daily Mail reported.

Multiple witnesses will take a stand at the trial that began Monday and will last the whole week, KSL News Radio noted.

More than 1.5 million people annually visit Arches National Park, a 120-square-mile desert landscape near Moab, Utah. It’s famous for its arches made of an orange sandstone that has been eroded by wind and water for centuries, according to Daily Mail.

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