Tuesday 27 December 2022

DeSantis Appoints Judge Who Didn’t Approve One Abortion, Media Goes Nuts

 LifeSiteNews reports that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appointed Judge Jared Smith to the appeals court.

Judge Smith was previously a County Circuit Judge in Hillsborough County, Florida.

Judge Smith was in the news for having turned down a 17 year old’s request for a ‘judicial bypass’ for an abortion. For the sin of properly following applicable Florida law, he was demonized  in the mainstream media and defeated in the 2022 election.

In his original ruling, Judge Smith said that the teen lacked the proper maturity under the law. Florida law requires a teen seeking an abortion to have the maturity similar to an adult. 

The left-wing media made a caricature out of Judge Smith as a pro-life renegade, yet the facts in the case were very plain. The teen seeking an abortion was not mature. As examples of her immaturity, the court noted:

  • She kept the pregnancy secret from her pro-life father, who drove her around and cared for her, since her mother lived in another state.
  • She did not understand the difference in a 2.0 and a 3.0 grade point average, claiming she had a B-average and yet said that she only a 2.0 GPA.
  • She only received medical advice from her boyfriend’s mother, who is a nurse.
  • She did not feel coerced but expressed that her boyfriend and the boyfriend’s mother wanted to kill the child.

Judge Smith’s ruling was appealed and his decision was overturned. The appellate court’s decision was then appealed, and the appellate court then sided with Judge Smith’s determinations and reaffirmed Judge Smith’s original decision. For those keeping track, the trial court sided with the baby, the appeals court sided with the abortionists, and then the appeals court later sided again with the baby and the trial court.

This decision did not stop the teen from getting an abortion, it only stopped the teen from doing so without her father’s knowledge or consent.

Yet the left-wing media is typified by this Business Insider article claiming that the judge “denied teen abortion.” The media is out to overturn parental involvement laws as they relate to abortion and they are willing to tell any lie they have to in order to advance that agenda.

The militant left worked to defeat Judge Smith at the ballot box using these lies. Smith was defeated for re-election in the 2022 primary election by 3%, or 8,000 votes out of over 200,000 cast.


The political mailers sent out to hit Judge Smith on his decision were clearly erroneous and over the top. They claimed Judge Smith thought “women are too dumb” to choose between adoption and abortion, and even made the ridiculous claim that Judge Smith was an anti-Semite.

The challenging candidate Nancy Jacobs made a secret filing, a ‘grievance’ in legal terms, against Judge Smith and then quoted  it as proof her accusation was true without providing a copy to reporters. The left-wing media then quoted that the allegation was made but refused to examine whether it was true and didn’t bother to even read the accusation. The allegation was that Judge Smith was anti-Semitic without any source for the claim. The left used to call these kind of tactics a ‘smear’ or  ‘baiting’ or ‘McCarthyism.’

Almost every story about Judge Smith notes that he was ‘ousted’ or ‘defeated’ at the polls. The media is framing it as though he was  rejected by voters but saved by party elites like DeSantis.

Yet an interesting reversal of parties happened in Michigan when pro-abortion judge, Kyra Harris-Bolden, was defeated in her campaign to be on the Michigan Supreme Court. When Michigan’s far-left Governor then appointed Harris-Bolden to fill an opening anyway, even though she lost, the media portrayed it as historic and never mentioned that Harris-Bolden was rejected by voters.

If it weren’t for double standards the left would have no standards.

Here are copies of some of the hysterical and over-the-top mailers used against Judge Smith in his re-election:


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