Monday 19 December 2022

Benny Johnson Travels to Nancy Pelosi’s District to Find Out What People Think- ‘Public Leeches’ ‘A Drain on Society’


Newsmax’s Benny Johnson traveled to Nancy Pelosi’s district in San Francisco to find out what locals think of Pelosi, asking ‘What do you think of Nancy Pelosi?’ and ‘What has Nancy Pelosi accomplished?’

As expected, it isn’t pretty.

Comments from the ‘man on the street’ conversations included gagging noises, emphatic thumbs down…..and some rousing profanity.

“F*** her….f*** her.” 

“Tell her to quit sucking on prunes.”

“I do not like her…bad job…wrong way…definitely the wrong way….they’re in for a few years and all of a sudden are they’re millionaires.  How do they do that?”

“She’s not good for business….high inflation….more money causes high inflation.”

“I can’t say if this is a children’s program….I have no respect for her. She’s one of the biggest hypocrites this country has.  She’s just selling us down the river to China and everyone else even though she pretends to stand up in little moves like going to Taiwan and stuff…all of her policies just undermine democracy and capitalism in America….(on being asked how she can be worth $100M)’s no longer public service, it’s public leeches. Ok, I’m third generation born downtown LA. I come up here and spend a week every year. It used to be, in my father’s time, that civil servants and public servants earned a little bit lower salary than similar work in the private industry. The tradeoff was they were doing public service and they got great health benefits and a retirement.  Now, they earn more, you can’t fire them and they are just a drain on society.”

For the few who claimed to like her, not one could provide a single Pelosi accomplishment. Not one.

Watch the entire excellent segment below.

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