Tuesday 6 December 2022

Armed Black Panthers Are Reportedly Roaming Voting Locations In Georgia

 Former US Senator Kelly Loeffler took to Twitter and warned there are armed Black Panthers patrolling voting stations across Georgia.

Loeffler was quoted saying “1 hour into voting, & armed groups of Black Panthers are now reportedly patrolling certain voting locations in GA.”

She would follow up her statement by saying the presence of Black Panthers near polling stations is part of a “scare tactic” from the left.

Fox 5 News, reported the New Black Panther Party held a press conference the day before the Senate run-off and announced: “they will position armed patrols at several polling places in the Atlanta and Savannah areas.”


Khallida Ramla Bastet said at a press conference Monday, “No one will come and touch, harm, threaten, do anything to any person walking into that voting booth to exercise that right,”.

Bastet would continue “This is a legal position that we are taking. We are in a position where if anything happens to anyone, we are here to offer you legal representation. We are here to offer you security. “

The Black Panthers and other armed groups are suspected to patrol Brunswick, Atlanta, and Savannah between 7:00 AM-11:00 PM.

The new Black Panther Party has a large presence in the state of Georgia.

In 2021, hundreds of Black Panthers showed up in the state of Georgia during the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial in Brunswick, Georgia.

This is not the first time intimidation tactics have been used during an election by the Black Panthers.

 Black Panther Leader Malik Shabazz’s admission of placing Black Panther members at polling stations equipped with batons. In a home video, Malik Zulu Shabazz states to a crowd of Panther members that the activities that occurred in Philadelphia in Nov ’08 were indeed done to intimidate voters.


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