Thursday 1 December 2022

AND ANOTHER ONE: Far-Left Actor and Trump Basher Jim Carrey Bails from Twitter


Twitter owner Elon Musk’s free speech policies continue to pay major dividends. Washed-up actor Jim Carrey became the latest liberal celebrity to cancel himself and abandon the platform.

Carrey issued his farewell to Twitter with a bizarre NSFW cartoon as a parting gift for his fans. Here is the tweet and cartoon:

Carrey has harshly criticized Elon Musk after his Twitter purchase, dubbing him “Capt. Smirk.” He also falsely criticized him for censoring comics and shadow-banning (the previous Twitter regime did this).


Carrey, on the other hand, passionately advocates for widespread censorship. He views so-called “conservative disinformation” as “one the most corrosive threats to society.” Carrey even compared Fox News to brain cancer and demanded fines for so-called “false info.”

He has saved most of his ire for former President Donald Trump, however. During a panel discussion at the 2018 Vulture Fest in Los Angeles, the actor compared Trump to a “melanoma” and said the Trump Administration was “raping our system.”

Most of his unbridled hatred for the former president is shown on Twitter. Carrey has posted several nasty paintings of Trump on the platform. These paintings often display the president in compromising positions and are too vulgar to show on Gateway Pundit. Here are two of the tamer ones:

The lesson from leftist celebrities like Jim Carrey leaving Twitter is simply advocating for free speech will help weed out the worst in society. When radical left individuals feel rudderless, they simply take their toys and go home. The libs end up owning themselves.

Twitter users will now no longer be subject to Carrey’s toxic rants and paintings. For Carrey, let’s hope him leaving the platform alleviates his Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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