Tuesday 29 November 2022

Whitlock: Killing ‘Black Twitter’ would be Elon Musk’s greatest accomplishment

 If, as CNN fears, Elon Musk kills “Black Twitter,” I’m going to start calling the world’s richest man Pale Rider.

“Pale Rider” is my all-time favorite Western movie. It stars Clint Eastwood as a reluctant hero named the Preacher. He’s a retired gunman who has turned to the Lord. He settles in a California gold mining town and befriends a group of desperate speculators who are being bullied off their land by the evil Coy LaHood.

In the film’s climax, Eastwood saddles a pale horse, rides into town, and guns down LaHood and his band of hired guns.

Based on the story CNN published this weekend, Musk might be social media’s Pale Rider, the reluctant hero forced to confront the bullies limiting free speech and manipulating truth.  

“Black Twitter is mourning the possible end of the influential community they found on Twitter more than a decade ago, but users are split between finding a new app or staying put,” the CNN story began. 

How does Black Twitter mourn? A mass release of crying emojis?

That’s never explained.

The CNN story continued: “While users are still deciding what to do after recent changes on Twitter – like the restoration of previously banned accounts and the upcoming roll out of a new verification system – civil rights organizations like the NAACP have called on companies to pause all advertising on the social media platform.” 

What’s so important about Black Twitter?

It’s the primary tool used to impose the progressive agenda. It’s how George Soros, Barack Obama, and corporate media silence dissent. Black Twitter is a gang of mercenaries hired by the uniparty establishment to smear dissenters with allegations of racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.

Black Twitter is an algorithm created by engineers and monitored by Northern California Millennials. Musk’s elimination of more than half of Twitter’s workforce severely curtails the efficiency and effectiveness of Black Twitter.

That’s the truth that CNN won’t tell you.

Black Twitter has always been a Silicon Valley psyop. Cultivating and maintaining uniform and monolithic thinking among black social media users is Twitter’s greatest crime. It’s everything the uniparty accuses Donald Trump of doing to his political supporters.

It’s mind control used to inspire and justify lawlessness and destruction in the name of honoring Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd.

Black Twitter legitimized the obvious lie that American law enforcement randomly kills unarmed black men. Out of fear of being labeled racist via social media, corporate media refused to dispute the falsehood of the Black Lives Matter movement with easily accessible data. Out of the same fear, corporate media still refuses to point out that BLM’s goal of disrupting the natural family would further destabilize American society.

Black Twitter is a fountain of misinformation. Nothing on the internet is more worthy of death. It’s a cult. Everything it has supported leads to cultural decay.

If Elon kills Black Twitter, I hope he invites me to give the eulogy. I came up with a list of Black Twitter’s five greatest accomplishments.

5) “What about Brett Favre?”

It’s the favorite question Black Twitter asks every time a black athlete gets in trouble. This really became popular when the Boston Celtics suspended head coach Ime Udoka for sexual misconduct. Favre’s malfeasance related to Mississippi welfare fraud is an underreported story, according to Black Twitter.

4) Buying lesbians mansions

Would the Marxist-trained lesbians who founded Black Lives Matter be living their best lives without the help of Black Twitter?

3) Colin “Mute-hammad Ali” Kaepernick

Black Twitter made Kaepernick an icon equivalent to Muhammad Ali, aka the Louisville Lip. Kaepernick rarely utters a word.

2) Hands up, don’t shoot

According to Black Twitter, a Ferguson police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, even though Brown had his arms raised in surrender and begged for his life.

1) Turning Shaun King black

Black Twitter made it possible for King to disavow his white father and live out his fantasy of being a black civil rights activist. On Twitter, blackness is a state of mind, not a skin color.

Like gender, blackness is a feeling defined by liberals.

Killing Black Twitter would be Elon Musk’s greatest accomplishment.

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