Saturday 5 November 2022

What the Hell is This? Fetterman’s New Campaign Ad is a Bad Take of the ‘Mean’ Joe Greene Coca-Cola Ad (VIDEO)


What did we just watch?

Democrat Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman posted a new campaign ad that is a bad take of the ‘Mean’ Joe Greene Coca-Cola advertisement from 1979.

The campaign ad starts off with stroke victim Fetterman struggling to walk down a hallway before a child walks over to him asking if he needs help.

“I’m running for the US Senate, kid. I need all the help I can get,” Fetterman said. 

The kid asks Fetterman, dressed in his signature hoodie, why he isn’t wearing a suit.

Fetterman brushes him off and keeps hobbling down the hallway.

The kid then offers Fetterman a soda.


Fetterman’s campaign stole the idea from a Coca-Cola commercial from the 70s.


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