Friday 18 November 2022

Welcome to Reality: Sad Liberal Twitter Employee Who Smarted Off to Elon Musk Is Fired

Eli Schutze, or @Elibelly on Twitter, described herself as a “Software maker at the tweet factory.”

Earlier this week Elibelly tweeted out her disgust that Elon Musk would make “ableist” comments and reply to Libs of TikTok on the platform.

Elon fired employee @sachee for attacking him on the platform over his management style and firings.

Libs of TikTok commented on the latest Twitter employee who was fired after dissing the owner on the platform. 

Elon responded it was a “tragic case of adult onset Tourette’s.

This upset another lib who called this an “ableist attack” on a former employee.

In which, elibelly made the comment “the f*ck.”

Now elibelly is out looking for a job.



And now Elibelly has her tweets protected.

Poor dear.  The f*ck.

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