Sunday 20 November 2022

“Today is Joe Biden’s 80th Birthday” – Schiff Grilled About Whether Biden is Too Old to Run Again (VIDEO)


Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff on Sunday was grilled about Joe Biden’s old age.

Joe Biden turned 80 years old on Sunday.

Biden is the oldest sitting president.

Schiff was asked if Joe Biden is too old to run for president again. 

“Today is Joe Biden’s 80th birthday. Do you think he should run for reelection?” ABC’s Jon Karl asked Schiff.

“I think he should. I think he’s extremely capable. What he’s been able to do in the last two years is an unprecedented level of accomplishment,” Schiff said.


Joe Biden will be thrown in the trash can soon.

Pelosi, Hoyer and Clyburn all stepped down from their leadership roles last week after the Republicans took back the House of Representatives.

All three Democrats are over 80 years old and they said it’s time for the younger generation to rise up the ranks and lead the party.

Biden will be forced out soon.

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