Wednesday 23 November 2022

‘They Can’t Even Respect The Dead’: Megyn Kelly Slams Democrats For Politicizing Club Q Shooting

 Megyn Kelly slammed Democrats and those on the left who have been politicizing the Club Q shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado that left five people dead, 19 others injured.

During the Sirius XM “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast on Tuesday, the host opened her show by calling out people like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and mainstream media members — whom she said “accused Conservatives” of having some responsibility for the shooting Saturday night.

“The left and Democrat leaders continuing to place blame on Conservatives before the motive’s even known in connection with this Colorado nightclub shooting,” Kelly explained. “I mean this happens every time. Every time.”

“Nancy Pelosi going as far to accuse people who supported Donald Trump’s presidency for the deadly shooting,” she added. “They can’t even respect the dead for two minutes. I mean before the bodies get cold, they want to pin it on politics.”


“Can we wait and see?” Kelly continued. “Cause this guy pulled guns on and threatened to bomb his own mother a year ago.  So it’s possible he had some mental health problems that were unresolved. It’s a situation similar to the Nancy Pelosi attack on her husband by this guy who was clearly a lunatic — whose most recent writings seemed out there and aligned with Qanon, but we’re talking about a mentally unwell person.”

The former Fox News host then introduced her guest, OutKick’s Clay Travis, as the host talked about how the mainstream media “jumped to this is right-wing inspired violence” before “the bodies were cold.”

“‘This is because of the Republicans,'” Kelly explained, noting what the media had been saying. She then shared how the media had been blaming the shooting on [former President Donald] Trump and even “Matt Walsh and The Daily Wire folks who have been outspoken about Drag Queen shows for children and the mutilation of minors.”

“And so somehow because this is a gay club, LGBTQ, this is their fault,” she added. “It’s a pattern, we’ve seen it so many times, Clay, but it still is alarming and it’s deeply immoral.”

“I think this is a failure of the media,” Travis replied.  “I understand why it’s sensational and why everybody rushes to what it covered the mass shooting. But when we cover those mass shootings, we ignore what’s happening in many cities across the country every single weekend …”

Kelly said she agreed the media largely ignores shootings happening in all the time in places like Baltimore and Chicago and said, “They don’t care. They only care about these things because they can look for what they think is a political motive” or a way to “get rid of the guns.”

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