Wednesday 2 November 2022

Rishi Sunak Survives His First 7 Days as New British Prime Minister


By Peter Mcilvenna in London

It has now been a week since Rishi Sunak won the short leadership race to lead the Conservative Party and become Prime Minister. He becomes Britain’s 3rd Prime Minister in 7 weeks. So much for the British electoral system providing stability. At 42, he is the youngest Prime Minister since Lord Liverpool in 1812. He is the first Asian Prime Minister and the first Hindu. 

If you can remember back to the end of Boris Johnson’s time, Sunak fired the opening shot that eventually brought down Boris when he, along with Sajid Javid, resigned nearly four months ago. The next day Boris faced forty resignations. Sunak was the favourite to take over but was beaten in the final round by Liz Truss (who now holds the record as the shortest serving PM). 

“Our country is facing a profound economic crisis,” Sunak said in his first speech as prime minister outside No. 10 Downing St. “I will unite our country not with words but with action.” Sunak takes over the reigns of a very divided Conservative party. He has to not only stabilise the country but his own party as well. Truss’ disastrous 45 days in power has given Sunak another chance for power, which he has grasped with open arms,  but also left him with a near impossible task.  

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, was among the first world leaders to congratulate him. Joe Biden described Sunak’s leadership as a “groundbreaking milestone,” This means that Sunak starts with the support of the international globalist community. For me this is where alarm bells really begin to ring. Is he a WEF puppet? Will he do what he is told unlike Liz Truss who was punished for wanting to think outside the economic box. Descent will not be tolerated and Sunak should not disappoint his new WEF handlers. 

Who is Rishi Sunak? He became an MP in 2015 and has held numerous ministerial positions including Chancellor in 2020 which elevated his profile. He is the richest PM ever. His wife is one of the richest women in the UK and, together, they are the 222nd richest people in Britain. This is not the top 1%. Or the top 0.1%. Or the top 0.01%. In Britain such wealth and privileged position does not sit well with us. We are often guilty of attacking success instead of celebrating it. Can he really understand the struggles of everyday Britons who are now trying to make ends meet in the middle of the current economic crisis? Sunak could be the first Prime Minister richer than the monarch! Does this make him a little out of touch? 

He ran the slickest political leadership campaign possibly ever seen in the UK. On the surface Sunak has the perfect qualities to be PM. He is confident, well spoken, understands the money markets and has the support of his parliamentary party. But he is only in the role because Truss failed to implement her free market policies. She did not have the confidence or fiscal understanding to stick with her economic plan. Sunak is a globalist. He will continue to increase the tax burden with his upcoming budget that needs to fill in a £40bn black hole. Printing money will continue to be the norm. 

And finally what is his position in the culture wars. He has started with a positive move by dropping work on an official definition of Islamophobia. Even better that this action happened at the beginning of Islamophobia awareness month. Will he address the rise of the militant LGBT agenda in schools and the public square. And will he put an end to the invasion we face on a daily basis in the English channel with up to 1000 people now crossing each day on small boats. Surely controlling immigration must be a priority. The basic question is will he be a Conservative leader and that question will only be answered over time.

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