Thursday 17 November 2022

Researchers In Swing States Secretly Monitored What Big Tech Showed Voters – “Blatant Manipulation”


Big Tech is rigging elections to help Democrats.

A team of researchers led by Robert Epstein, Ph.D. found that Google took steps to shift votes in favor of Democrats during the midterm elections.

According to the findings, Google nudged undecided voters toward the Democrats by showing them biased content on Google and YouTube.

They also found that Google was sending far fewer go-vote reminders to conservatives than to liberals and moderates. 

The extent of how many votes were shifted by Google’s meddling is unknown.

The Epoch Times reported:

Based on my team’s research, Google, and to a lesser extent, Facebook and other tech monopolies, not only took steps to shift millions of votes to Democrats in the midterms, but they are using their influence to spread rumors and conspiracy theories to make sure people look everywhere for explanations—except at them.

Two days before the 2022 midterm elections, I published an article explaining how Google and other tech companies were shifting millions of votes without people knowing, and I also explained how I knew, without doubt, that this was occurring.

Over a period of months, Google nudged undecided voters toward voting blue by showing people politically biased content in their search engine, suppressing content they didn’t want people to see, recommending left-leaning videos on YouTube (pdf) (which Google owns), allegedly sending tens of millions of emails to people’s spam boxes, and sending go-vote reminders on their home page mainly to liberal and moderate voters.

If manipulations like these were being used nationwide in the months leading up to the midterm elections, Google alone might have shifted 80 million votes over time (with those votes scattered over hundreds of elections). We’ll have a more precise estimate of the extent of vote shifting that occurred as we dig into our data in the coming weeks.

Robert Epstein, a liberal, has been speaking out on how Google is manipulating content and elections for years now as we have reported on The Gateway Pundit. 

In the lead-up to the midterm elections, the RNC filed a lawsuit against Google for sending its emails to spam folders. 

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