Saturday 5 November 2022

Radical Portland City Commissioner Says Voting For Her Latino Opponent Is ‘White Supremacy’


Unhinged, radical, far-left Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty is at it again. She recently declared that voting for her Latino opponent is ‘ a vote for white supremacy.’

Hardesty told voters, “This election will determine if Portland moves towards a more humane, anti-racist future, or if we will slide back into Oregon’s white supremacist and classist history.”

City Council seats in Portland are nonpartisan, but Hardesty tried to insinuate that her opponent,  Latino Rene Gonzalez, is a Republican with far right ties.

Gonzalez’s website says he is a, “Lifelong Democrat, I am firmly pro-choice, pro-gun reform, and committed to a city where families of ALL lifestyles are welcome. Join me in restoring Portland’s promise!” 

It seems Gonzalez is not radial and far-left enough for Hardesty.

In response to the comments, Gonzalez shared on Twitter, “Be better Jo Ann. I am the proud son of a Mexican migrant worker, married to a Latina woman, raising 3 biracial children. Working towards a city that doesn’t judge people or candidates based on their race. This election is about restoring livability & safety for all races.”

Hardesty has been in the news for her unhinged behavior and radical views. 

In an incident in 2021, Hardesty called police in neighboring Clark County, Washington, during a Lyft ride home from a casino to complain that a Lyft driver,  following company protocols, left his car  the windows cracked. After a tantrum from Hardesty, the driver pulled off at a gas station and ended the ride but Hardesty refused to exit the vehicle.

In March of 2021, a Portland driver reported that she was rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light. She claimed that the woman who hit her was Jo Ann Hardesty who then allegedly took off from the scene. The next day, Hardesty denied that she was involved.

On Friday, Hardesty was allegedly caught on a hot-mic calling fellow Commissioner Mingus Mapps an a$$hole.

Classy lady.

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