Monday 7 November 2022

Leftist Drug Policies Led By NY Gov Kathy Hochel Destroy New York


Failed New York Governor is clueless on crime.

Hochul has tried to frame her slip in the polls, amidst soaring crime in the state, as being nothing more than fear-mongering by Republicans.

In a recent appearance, she outright dismissed the crime fears of New Yorkers saying that a few high-profile crimes have “created a sense of fear in people’s minds.”

But in addition to the rise of violent crimes in the state, the progressive drug policies of the radical left, supported by Hochul, have devastated neighborhoods overcome with drug-addled zombies. 

Late last year, failed former New York Mayor Bill Deblasio created sanctioned “shooting galleries” where drug addicts can use any drug they want inside the safe haven sites.

In 2021, Hochul signed the following into law as part of a ‘harm reduction’ package claiming they were aimed at reducing drug-related overdose deaths across New York State:

S.911/A.2354 Relates to the Possession of Opioid Antagonists
S.1795/A.533 Relates to the Establishment of a Program for the Use of Medication Assisted Treatment for Incarcerated Individuals
S.2523/A.868 Decriminalizes the Possession and Sale of Hypodermic Needles and Syringes
S.6044/A.128 Establishes an Online Directory for Distributers of Opioid Antagonists
S.7228/A.5511 Relates to a Judicial Diversion Program for Certain Felony Offenders

The new laws:

  • Decriminalized public possession and sale of hypodermic needles, and also lifted the cap on how many needles a pharmacy could sell
  • Expanded the roster of crimes that drug addicts could commit to entering treatment programs and gave judges the option of mandating treatment in lieu of jail time
  • Decriminalized “opioid antagonists” like Narcan that reverse opioid overdoses
  • Created an online directory of opioid antagonist distributors
  • Established substance abuse recovery programs for inmates in state and correctional facilities

And now communities in New York are paying the price.

The New York Post reports:

The real-life horror show plays out daily in the neighborhood’s gritty streets where The Post witnessed dozens of raving, hunched-over junkies commandeering East 126th Street — now the home of a controversial public-injection site — as drug dealers hovered nearby like vultures.

Others along Park Avenue down to East 114th Street have been spotted nodding out, splayed on the sidewalk, and injecting themselves in the neck or through jeans in broad daylight.

“I almost hope a Republican governor wins, so that way they come and knock this all out,” said community developer Derrick Taitt, referring to Tuesday’s general election. “The Democrats have done nothing for us. Nothing!”

Republican candidate for Governor, Lee Zeldin, has taken the lead in the polls in the lead up to Election Day.

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