Wednesday 2 November 2022

Joe Biden Says His Dumpster Fire Economy “Works For Everybody” (VIDEO)


Joe Biden on Wednesday delivered remarks on his administration’s efforts to work with unions and employers to train Americans for good paying jobs in various industries.

The Biden Regime has done nothing to help Americans.

Everything Joe Biden has done since he was installed in January 2021 is to purposely destroy this country.

The massive spending bills have caused inflation rates to skyrocket. 

Joe Biden actually bragged about his trillions in spending on Marxist pet projects and said he created an economy that works for everybody.

“An economy that works for everybody through bold action like this one we are taking vision to reality…this is what it looks like when America comes together to get something done,” said Biden.


According to a CNN poll, 75% of Americans say the economy is in a recession.

According to a new left-leaning NBC poll, 75% of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track under Joe Biden’s leadership.

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