Tuesday 29 November 2022

Duke University To Publish A ‘F*ggotology’ With Intro That References Anal Sex

 Duke University is preparing to publish a book describing the “faggotology in the Black Latinx Caribbean,” according to the Duke University Press.

The Duke University Press released an introduction on Monday to the book “Circuits of the Sacred: A Faggotology in the Black Latinx Caribbean” by Carlos Ulises Decena, a professor of Latino and Caribbean Studies and of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Rutgers University. The book set to publish in March 2023, tells of the queer experience of a “black Latinx Caribbean” featuring references to anal sex in the introduction. 

In the book, Decena aims to define “faggotology,” as “the erotic in the divine as found in the disreputable and the excessive,” the Duke University Press stated. Through a collection of stories and “theoretical innovation” the book describes “radical feminism and queer-of-color thinking.”

The pre-released introduction is 40 pages and references writing by Assotto Saint, an American poet and figure in the LGBTQ movement, discussing the “thinking and feeling like a flaming faggot.” The introduction describes “licking the cut or the sphincter that dilates as we press a finger or tongue or as we swallow and hold the shocks and thrusts of expressive puncture.”

Through “literary training” and “absorption of elite writing tradition,” Decena came to define “faggotology” and used “flesh-to-flesh encounters, and spirit work of gay male and radical lesbian” mentors to shape the book, the introduction stated.

The book uses “diffractive events” to draw metaphors of “soul work” discussing how light, similar to individuals, come “together, grind, combine, and move through one another,” the introduction read.

“What if we imagined flashes of insight or narrative threads as waves, capable of sweeping through our mind’s eye and ear, hit the pit of our stomach, the base of our genitals, and other body hot spots, on top of one another and occupying the same space temporally, synchronically, and asynchronically?” Decena wrote.

The Duke University Press and Decena did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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