Friday 4 November 2022

Democrat Supporters Begin Shouting at Fetterman After He Rambles Incoherently About Playing Football in 1986 (VIDEO)


Democrat Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman Wednesday evening began randomly shouting about playing football in the summer of 1986.

Fetterman is unable to speak coherent sentences after his massive stroke in May.

Democrat supporters surrounding Fetterman began shouting as he incoherently recalled his high school football days.

“I think that anyone who ever plays football in high school was, you know, at kind of a trade out kind of football camp and there wasn’t any interest I have come play here,” Fetterman said. 


This was after John Fetterman spoke complete gibberish during a stop at the Cumberland County Democrat headquarters in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Fetterman fired up the Democrat volunteers by speaking gibberish about “Thankscoming.”

“Eirahidurund if you, you know, have any stressed kind of relationships with folks, friends, family, coming up later this month at Thankscoming. Anyway…” Fetterman said.


Independent voters changed their support from John Fetterman to Dr. Oz after watching last Tuesday night’s dumpster fire debate.

Independent voters interviewed after the debate said they changed their mind and will vote for Oz after realizing Fetterman is unable to speak coherent sentences.

“It was very, very difficult to watch. Fetterman is not physically capable of serving in the US Senate,” independent voter Marc Goldberg told Fox News.

“I’m a registered Independent… I don’t know how anybody in their right mind, who are in the middle like me, could possibly vote for John Fetterman,” he said.

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