Tuesday 1 November 2022

DAVIS: Enough Nonsense, GOP’s First Order Of Business Should Be The FBI, DOJ

 U.S. Senators Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.), the top Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee and Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, respectively, have served as the powerful and effective Senate duo in uncovering the FBI’s corruption, from the Russian collusion hoax, to the coverup of Hunter Biden’s laptop, to the blatant political double-standards and bias that have permeated the entire Biden Justice Department.

Indeed, Attorney General Merrick Garland has used the full force of the Biden Justice Department to hunt down every Trump supporter who trespassed and took Senate selfies on January 6. At the same time, Garland has given amnesty to BLM and Antifa rioters who went to war against the police, attacked the White House complex and the Portland federal courthouse nightly for months, killed dozens, caused billions in damage, and destroyed American cities.

Garland protected abortion activists who obstructed justice by threatening Supreme Court justices and their families in their homes, leading to their removal to safe houses – and even an assassination attempt against Justice Kavanaugh, his wife, and their two daughters. Garland refused to prosecute extremists who firebombed Catholic churches and crisis pregnancy centers. But he used the FBI to threaten concerned parents speaking up at school board meetings – and even arrest pro-life Christians praying and protesting at abortion clinics. 

President Biden purported to waive 250 years of constitutional Executive Privilege going back to George Washington, so Garland could weaponize the Justice Department against President Trump’s White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, trade director Peter Navarro, top outside advisor Steve Bannon, and even counsel Pat Cipollone. The Supreme Court will likely have to step in to address the serious constitutional violations in the Biden Justice Department’s deeply flawed and political prosecutions of Navarro and Bannon. Yet Garland and the Biden Justice Department continue to ignore smoking-gun evidence of Chinese and Ukrainian foreign corruption of then-Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and Joe’s brother James.

Now, the Biden Justice Department is going after President Trump, its boss’ chief political enemy. The unprecedented, unnecessary, and unlawful FBI raid of the Office of the Former President, along with President Trump’s home, is chilling and deeply concerning. If the Biden Justice Department can target the former President of the United States, and likely challenger to President Biden in 2024, imagine what it can and will do to the rest of us.

Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson have done yeoman’s work, for years, in the U.S. Senate to expose this corruption. And Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, the chairwoman of the House Republican Conference, is a star in the House leading the way for her House Republican colleagues. 

Stefanik has promised that when House Republicans take the majority in January, they will investigate the FBI through oversight and subpoenas to get to the bottom of this unconstitutional raid on President Trump. She has also stated that House Republicans will aggressively pursue answers to the FBI colluding with Big Tech to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story, which very well may have played a role in the outcome of the 2020 election. Another priority that Republicans will investigate, according to Stefanik, is the DOJ targeting parents at school board meetings for raising concerns over critical race theory being taught in schools. The Biden Administration has been tougher on moms at school board meetings than international threats.

House Republicans will need to step up and provide strong oversight over the Biden Justice Department’s overreach, particularly at the FBI. Thankfully, Elise Stefanik is leading the charge in the House to hold them accountable.

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