Thursday 3 November 2022

Biden Climate Envoy John Kerry: “And By 2035, That’s All We’re Gonna Have in America, Are Electric Cars Being Manufactured” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s Climate Envoy John Kerry on Wednesday said by 2035 only electric cars will be manufactured and available for purchase-as new cars in the United States.

“And by 2035, that’s all we’re gonna have in America, are electric cars being manufactured–not on the road, but being sold, and new cars,” Kerry said.

Because everyone has $70,000 to spend on a new car.

John Kerry also said it’s Biden plan to “accelerate” eliminating fossil fuels. 

“By 2035, [Biden] wants the power sector to be carbon free!” Kerry said.


Meanwhile John Kerry flies around on private jets and owns several mansions.

Biden last year announced a new order to have 40% to 50% of US auto sales electric by 2030.

Since the overwhelming majority of Americans prefer gas-powered cars to electric vehicles, Joe Biden and the Marxist Democrats will just force the EVs on the population.

One in five electric vehicle owners in California switched back to gas-powered because of the inconvenience of charging.

It only takes a few minutes to fill up a gas tank, yet some electric vehicles need several hours of charging to drive 35 miles.

Charging electric vehicles is a total “hassle” say 20% of EV owners surveyed between 2012 and 2018 so they’re going back to gas, researchers found.

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