Monday 14 November 2022

Biden Admin Declassifies Bush and Cheney Post 9/11 Documents After Election Day

 The day after midterms is usually an extremely busy day in the news cycle.

Big stories that might otherwise be on the front pages often fall behind news updates regarding the election results.

The Biden admin clearly has knowledge of this and decided to declassify former President George W. Bush’s and Vice President Dick Cheney’s Oval Office joint interview regarding the 9/11 terrorist attacks one day after election day.

The interview that occurred in the Oval Office was conducted by the 9/11 commission and was released by the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel. 

There is no bombshell revelation within the newly declassified documents, but it does offer insightful details regarding Bush and Cheney’s moves after the attack took place.

One interesting detail released through the documents is that Cheney took more command than what the general public knew at the time.

Per the Intercept:

Cheney was empowered to effectively take command authority that morning. Bush said he was pressured to get on Air Force One, so he “made some quick remarks and blasted out of there.” Cheney, he recalled, urged him, “Don’t come home.” Cheney “told him that Washington was under attack.”

Another eye-opener detail found on page 5 of the 9/11 Commission interview document was a statement from Bush which read, “They heard an aircraft was down in Pennsylvania. The Vice President thought we’d shot it down.”

The plane Cheney was questioning was Flight 93 which crashed near Shanksville Pennsylvania after passengers stormed the cockpit.

Previously, before Flight 93 crashed into a field near Shanksville, Bush ordered for planes to be shot down.

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