Monday 28 November 2022

Anti-Lockdown Protests Over China’s Zero COVID Continue to Spread-Some Calling For Xi Jinping to Step Down

 The Chinese people have had enough of the brutal “zero-Covid” policies of the authoritarian CCP controlled country.  Protests against the lockdowns have occurred in recent days in different parts of the country.

Citizens have been suffering under the cruel measures for years leading to isolation, starvation and even suicide.

The Daily Mail reports:

Angry protesters have swarmed the streets at Tsinghua university in Beijing in a massive protest against the authoritarian regime’s  zero-Covid policies. 

The crowds carried a series of placards touting anti-regime slogans and erupted into a series of chants, calling for ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom of expression’.

Some protesters were shown in videos shouting for Xi to step down or the ruling party to give up power.

One video shows a man shouting at uniformed officials, ‘Whose children are you, and whose father are you? Don’t you have a conscience? How many people died today?’

Other videos showed demonstrators in a plaza singing China’s national anthem, seen as an attempt to protect themselves from accusations of being against the government. One of the lines is: ‘Rise up, those who refuse to be slaves.’

In some scenes, people shouted and pushed against rows of men in the white whole-body hazmat suits.

Never forget that Anthony Fauci admitted during his deposition in a  lawsuit filed by the Missouri and Louisiana Attorneys General (Missouri v. Biden) that he got the idea for the unprecedented economic lockdowns in America based on the draconian measures taken by the Communist Chinese regime.

Fauci sent his longtime co-hort Clifford Lane to China in February to assess the situation. Lane was enthralled with the Chinese measures and pushed the idea on Dr. Fauci.

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