Monday 24 October 2022

Look What’s Happening in Sweden! After Decades of Failed Globalism, New Government Puts the Citizens First


Guest Author Cullen Linebarger

Sweden last month made a sharp turn right and fired the woke, leftist Social Democrats who have dominated government throughout most of the country’s history. With the formation of a new conservative government last week, the citizens will now hopefully reap the rewards.

New Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson announced a new direction on several national issues with the most acute shift on immigration. Sweden for decades operated a lax policy toward immigrants and ignored the challenges integrating millions of people from across the world, especially from Muslim countries, into their society. The results have proven tragic. Rape crimes have risen 2200% since 1975, with 42,936 reported in the last five years. 61 places in Sweden are now “no-go” zones with police allowing extremists to operate unimpeded due to them being outnumbered.

This madness will now thankfully end.

From Fox News: 

In a speech to Parliament, Kristersson promised a review of the penal code and expanded powers to police to fight criminal gangs that have grown more powerful and violent in recent years.

“No other country in all of Europe has the same trend of violence as Sweden: 53 fatal shootings so far this year, often outright executions,” he said. “The government now begins the biggest offensive in Swedish history against organized crime.”

He also promised a “paradigm shift” on immigration, ending decades of liberal immigration policies that had started to tighten under the previous Social Democratic government.

“Immigration to Sweden has been unsustainable,” resulting in poor integration, unemployment, insecurity, and other problems, Kristersson said.

Such a dramatic U-turn would not have been possible without the rise of the Sweden Democrats. The populist conservative party for years was slandered as Nazis by the media and political establishment for decrying the impact of Sweden’s open borders, pro-crime policies on her people.  Despite the unified opposition, the Sweden Democrats steadily increased their support each election and are now the second largest party in government. This rise coincided with the decline of establishment conservative parties, who had no choice but to cut a deal with the populists to form the new government. The agenda, especially immigration and crime, has the Sweden Democrats’ imprint across the board.

The next four years offer a golden chance to save a country written off by many on the right as a lost cause. Conservatives in Sweden, though, only have a thin majority and must withstand the upcoming assaults to collapse the government and put the globalist left back in control. Sweden would be lost for good should this occur.

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