Saturday 9 July 2022

New Black Panthers Mob Storms Senior Living Center in Search of Emmett Till’s Accuser from 1950s

 Led by attorney Malik Shabazz, a mob of New Black Panther Party paramilitaries chanting “black power” and “no justice, no peace” stormed a senior living center and an apartment complex in Raleigh, North Carolina this week in search of the now elderly woman, Carolyn Bryant Donham, 87, whose accusation in 1955 that a Black Chicago teenaged boy, Emmett Till, 14, whistled at her in a small Mississippi town led to his brutal murder by a mob of white men who escaped punishment in the racist Democrat run South. The Emmett Till murder shocked the nation and was one of the catalysts for the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s.

Police responded and moved the mob outside. The search for Donham was not successful. The mob was acting on behalf of the Till family according to a statement by their attorney John C. Barnett, WMC-TV reported last week.:

“National civil rights activist John C. Barnett is helping the Till family seek long-overdue justice by demanding that Mississippi execute the unserved warrant for Carolyn Bryant…Barnett said if an arrest is not made soon, members of the Black Panthers will travel to Raleigh next Wednesday seeking action.”

WNCN-TV report:

WRAL-TV report:

The modern day lynch mob of New Black Panthers was inspired to search for Donham in Raleigh after an old arrest warrant for her in the case from 1955 that was never served was recently discovered.

Shabazz led the mob to several locations in Raleigh in the unsuccessful search for Donhan, including an apartment complex and a senior living center where elderly white residents were interrogated by Shabazz.

Reporters and activists posted photos and videos:

Last December the Justice Department closed its investigation into Till’s murder without filing any charges.

In March, Joe Biden signed the federal Emmett Till Antilynching Act.

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