Friday 8 July 2022

Father of Highland Park Shooter, Who Helped Him Obtain His Guns, Claims His Son Has ‘Good Morals’


The father of the man who fatally shot seven people during a Fourth of July celebration has done an interview with the media, during which he claimed that his murderous son had “good morals.”

Speaking to ABC 7 Chicago, Robert Crimo Jr., who ran for mayor of the town where the shooting occurred in 2018, took no responsibility for helping his son obtain guns.

“Thirteen hours earlier, I spent almost an hour with them sitting in the yard talking about the planet, the atmosphere and nothing. Great mood. I’m just shocked,” Crimo said. “I think, three days before the fourth, my wife had asked him, ‘hey, do you have any plans for the fourth?’ And he simply said, ‘no.'”

The elder Crimo said that he does not know what his son’s motives were and would like to ask him.

“That’s what I’d like to ask him when I see him. I mean there, this kind of definitive act is a senseless act of violence. There’s no need for it,” Crimo said.

An investigation by the state police is currently underway into the father’s sponsorship of his son obtaining a firearm owners identification card in 2019.

Crimo had already had several run-ins with police during that year, including a suicide attempt in April and a family member reporting that he said he wanted to “kill everyone” in September.

During the September incident, police confiscated multiple weapons from him including a dagger, knives, and a sword.

Just a few months later, in December, his father helped him obtain his FOID. The father maintains that he did nothing wrong by helping him with that.

“Like, that’s all it was … a consent form to allow my son to go through the process. They do background checks. Whatever that entails, I’m not exactly sure. And either you’re approved or denied. And he was approved and prior, right before 2021,” Crimo said.

The father maintained that he had not seen his son’s music videos that warned of his violent fantasies and denied that there was any abuse at home. He claimed that there were no “warning signs” and that his son had “good morals.”

Crimo offered his condolences to the victims.

“My heart goes out to them. I just I can only imagine losing a family member at a parade or a child that doesn’t have their parents? It’s horrific,” Crimo said.

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