Saturday 9 July 2022



CNN host W. Kamau Bell wore a t-shirt that read “I WILL AID AND ABET ABORTION” before President Joe Biden‘s speech and executive order on abortion.

Bell wore the shirt of Friday’s episode of CNN’s At This Hour, which he appeared on to promote the new season of his CNN show, United Shades of America.

The segment was scheduled just ahead of Biden’s remarks, so there was a chance it would get cut off to show the speech.

“I know I’m competing with President Biden. So I just want to make sure people know where I stand on a woman’s right to choose,” Bell said.

Bell then stood up to give the audience a clear view of his shirt.

Fill-in anchor Boris Sanchez was all smiles as they discussed the new episodes of the show, which is seemingly meant to mock conservative beliefs.

In the clip they aired, they showed a group of women saying that they do not think Critical Race Theory should be taught in schools, then some “gotcha” questions to try and make them look bad.

“You know, sometimes you laugh to keep from crying. And I think that’s why I became a comedian in general,” Bell said.

Bell has also worn shirts on air with messages like “trans people belong.”

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