Monday 18 July 2022

Biden’s America: Trans Soldiers Given Special Privileges in US Military While Christian Soldiers are Persecuted


The left continues its assault on our country, our culture, our history, and our way of life.

In America today trans soldiers are given special privileges by the regime while Christian soldiers are persecuted and denied their religious rights.

Guest post by Techno Fog

The military is waging a two-front war on its most conservative members.

On one front is the foolish and otherwise unlawful implementation and execution of the armed services’ COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Religious accommodation requests to the vaccines have been categorically denied by the military branches. As of February of this year, 25,000 service members have requested the military accommodate their request to forego vaccination in light of their sincerely-held religious beliefs. Less than 10 had been approved, with zero approvals in the Army and Navy.

According to one court, “the Air Force’s process to protect religious rights is both illusory and insincere. In short, it’s just ‘theater.’”1 Another court found the military actively disfavoring religious exemptions: “the mandate treats those with secular exemptions more favorably than those seeking religious exemptions.”2 In other words, the military is openly and proudly hostile to religious service members, forcing them under threat of punishment to choose the vaccines over their faith.

Then there is the unlawful required administration of vaccines authorized under an emergency use authorization (EUA), since the officially “licensed” vaccines remain unavailable. What makes that unlawful? The President must authorize the administration of EUA vaccines to the military – and he hasn’t.

The other front, related to the first, involves the culture generally. Back in 2017, there were reports that Army training allowed for male soldiers identifying as women to wash in female showers. Units were to adjust to transgender identity. This issue reappeared this week, with reporting from The Washington Free Beacon providing source documents of the Army’s transgender service policy which states:

“Gender transition in the Army begins when a Soldier receives a diagnosis from a military medical provider indicating that gender transition is medically necessary.”

This comes after the military’s celebration of Pride Month this past June, and West Point cadets being taught Critical Race Theory – including this slide on “whiteness.”

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