Friday 1 July 2022

Biden Hits New Poll Lows: Gallup: 87 Percent Wrong Track; CIVIQS: 31 Percent Approval; Independents: 19 Percent Approval; Emerson: Trump Beating Biden by Five

 Support for Joe Biden continued to collapse as he returned from G7 and NATO meetings in Europe for a long Independence Day weekend. Gallup has the wrong track number at 87 percent. The daily CIVIQS tracking poll has Biden hitting new lows of 31 percent approval–and just 19 percent approval among independents. Emerson released a poll Friday showing President Trump beating Biden in a 2024 rematch by 5 points.

File screen image from September 29,2020 debate.

Interactive Polls posted summaries from various polls on Friday showing the continuing collapse of support for Biden while Trump shores up support, including the Emerson and Harvard/Harris polls that also has Trump decisively ahead of Florida Republican governor Ron DeSantis for the 2024 GOP presidential primary.

Biden’s Job Approval Rating among Independents sinks to 19% (Civiqs, 06/30)

Biden Job Approval (-27)
Approve 31%
Disapprove 58%

Independents (-49)
Approve 19%
Disapprove 68%

Hispanics (-9)
Approve 38%
Disapprove 47%


2024 Presidential Election
(R) Trump 44% (+5)
(D) Biden 39%
2024 Republican Primary
Trump 55%
DeSantis 20%
Pence 9%
Haley 3%
2022 Generic Congressional Ballot
Republicans 46% (+3)
Democrats 43%

06/28-29 / 1,271 RV

Gallup’s right track, wrong track poll at 87 percent wrong track (dissatisfied) is even worse than the AP wrong track of 85 percent on Wednesday.

Gallup: Satisfaction with U.S. Direction

Right Direction/Wrong Track
Trump – June 2018: 38/62 (-24)
Biden – June 2022: 13/87 (-74)

Americans don’t want Biden to run for reelection by a wide margin according to the Harvard/Harris Poll released Friday.

71 percent don’t want Biden to run for reelection: Harvard Caps / Harris poll

Among the respondents who believe the president should not run:

45% say because he is a bad President
30% say he is too old
25% say it’s time for a change

More Harvard/Harris, confirms Trump in command in GOP.

HARVARD/HARRIS: Trump remains the clear favorite among Republicans should he mount a 2024 comeback campaign

Trump 56%
DeSantis 16%
Haley 7%

Without Trump
DeSantis 36%
Pence 17%
Cruz 8%
Haley 8%

06/28-29 / 1,308 RV

Rasmussen has Republicans up by five points over Democrats in a generic Congressional ballot.

NEW: @Rasmussen_Poll
| 06/26-06/30

2022 Generic Congressional Ballot
Republicans 47% (+5)
Democrats 42%

Republicans 44% (+15)
Democrats 29%

N=2,500 LV | Sample: D35/R33/I32

A lot can happen between now and November, but Biden and the Democrats show no sign of moderating the radical green, trans, war mongering, inflationary policies that have brought them to this point. Ron Klain will not be retweeting these polls.

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