Monday 18 July 2022

As the Number of Illegals Crossing the Border Increases So Does the Number of Deceased that Don’t Make It (Graphic)


Ben Bergquam has been covering the Southern Border invasion for some time.  He’s seen the invasion and followed it all the way to Panama.  Now he is reporting numbers that have never been seen before.  Millions are expected to cross the border this year and no one is stopping it.

We reported on Bergquam last week.

This week Bergquam released some more information from the border where he notes that as the number of invaders increases, so does the number of individuals who never make it – those who don’t survive the journey.  (Warning on the graphic pictures in the tweet below.)

In the video above a border patrol agent shares that the number of deceased they find has increased dramatically.

Before we were getting, averaging about one a day.  And in the past three to four weeks, we’ve been averaging anywhere between three to seven to about ten deceased a day.

Where is the government we elected to protect us?  This is an invasion.  Our government now needs to be held accountable.  Leftist policies are killing people.

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