Friday 25 March 2022

'We are not victims!' Guest blows up 'The View' panel's narrative about critical race theory

 Journalist Lindsey Granger bucked co-hosts of "The View" on Wednesday for parroting a narrative about race and critical race theory that she claimed focused on the victimization of black Americans.

Instead, Granger challenged the women to promote "black excellence."

What happened?

While discussing Jamaica's demand for reparations from Great Britain, co-host Joy Behar asserted the United States will never pay black Americans reparations because "we do not even want to teach critical race theory."

"That requires that we admit that we did something wrong," Behar said, adding, "Especially white people! White people don't want to take responsibility for what they did in this country."

When the panel voiced agreement with Behar, Granger objected, explaining that CRT and reparations are not intertwined subjects and that black excellence — not black victimization — should be prioritized in discussions about race.

"It’s a whole different conversation about critical race theory," Granger exclaimed. "I don’t think it’s related because if we talk about critical race theory ... my whole conversation yesterday was about teaching about black excellence. I want to see that be the first issue on your agenda, on your agenda because I want to see black people thrive." 

"We are not victims. OK? Even though we have been victimized, we are not victims," Granger declared. "We are here to grow and there’s beauty in us and we are winning out here. Black people are beautiful, so I want to see that more often. And I don’t want to constantly tell my 6-month-old daughter that she’s a victim." 

The Debate Over Defining Critical Race Theory & Teaching Race In Classrooms | The

After returning from a commercial break, Behar claimed that "critical race theory, to me, is history" and said "reparations are similar" because admission of wrongdoing is required for a relationship to be repaired.

But Granger pushed back, noting that slavery and America's racial transgressions are taught in school today. Granger then accused Behar of "misinterpreting my point intentionally."

"We're learning about the victimization of black people consistently — that's a fact," Granger said, adding that analyzing the intersection of race and law is important, but celebrating the accomplishments of black Americans is even more critical.

Still, co-host Sunny Hostin accused Granger of "parroting their talking points," referring to Republicans and CRT critics, and charged that Granger has "bought into" the Republican narrative that CRT is being taught in schools. The segment ended with Granger defending parents' rights in schools.

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