Tuesday 29 March 2022

Video: 'Big burly' bystander does nothing while thug repeatedly punches, stomps, flattens McDonald's customer, steals victim's property

 A fairly sizable bystander simply watched as surveillance video recorded a violent crook repeatedly punching, stomping, knocking down, and then stealing from a McDonald's customer in New York City.

What are the details?

Police said the attack occurred at the restaurant located at 429 7th Ave. in Manhattan at 7:42 a.m. Feb. 28.

Surveillance video showed the attacker seated while the customer appeared to be making a transaction at the counter.

Suddenly the crook rose to his feet, approached the victim from behind, and punched him in the face, knocking him to the floor:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @NYPDTips

The victim appeared to try to get away, but the attacker shoved him and continued to come after him.

In a second video from a different angle, the bystander can be seen in the background while the crook came up close to the victim and appeared to reach into the victim's jacket:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @NYPDTips


Soon, the attacker threw the victim against a wall and punched him in the face, after which the victim bounced off the wall and then crumbled to the floor:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @NYPDTips

The bystander moved into the foreground, appearing to shift positions so he remained clear of the attack.

While the attacker stomped on the victim's head and rifled through his jacket, the bystander still did nothing but watch the brutal assault continue.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @NYPDTips

Police said the crook forcibly removed the victim's property, adding that there's a reward of up to $3,500 for information related to the incident. Call 1-800-577-TIPS if you know the attacker's identity:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @NYPDTips

Here's video of the attack:

How are folks reacting?

As you would expect, commenters on the video of the violent robbery are no fans of the attacker — but they aren't pleased with the bystander for not intervening in the slightest:

  • "Look at the bystander. Big burly man just walking in circles not doing a thing," one commenter wrote. "I guess it's true what they say about tall men 'they can't fight.'"
  • "I’m very sad to see this innocent man was attacked," another user said. "In addition the guy [who] later came out on the video didn’t help him at all."
  • "This is horrible ... especially the other customer who just watch[es] and doesn't intervene," another commenter said.

Not everyone agreed, however; one user noted, "I don’t blame the [bystander] for not getting involved; that might have escalated if he had a gun or knife."

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