Saturday 26 March 2022

Steve Bannon ERUPTS, Tells Hispanic Voters: “These Demon Democrats, They’re Out to Destroy You and Your Family!” (VIDEO)

 This morning CNN reported that US officials expect 240,000-340,000 illegals to storm across the open US southern border this month!


Border officials are expecting 8,000 apprehensions a day!

Biden and Kamala have COMPLETELY opened to the US border to anyone who can walk across, get carried across, or can roll across the open border in the US. 

This is an invasion of historic proportions!

Steve Bannon went off on the news telling Hispanic voters, “These demon Democrats are out to destroy you and your family!”

Steve Bannon: This is an invasion. Hey, you notice Joe Biden he’s over there today in the Ukraine-Polish border. You aint seen him down there in the Rio Grande Valley. You haven’t seen him at the southern border he’d be booed like crazy. In all of his lies and misrepresentations, this is the first article of impeachment on this guy. He has initiated and exacerbated an invasion of our border of our beloved country. And he’s over there sending another billion for 100,000 refugees… They won’t come and face the reality of what they’ve done to this nation.

…Biden go to south Texas. Don’t send Kamala Harris. She’s a disaster and a joke. And a new book says she wet herself when you gave her that assignment. She didn’t want it… You come! We need the President of the United States. The folks down there deserve you to come down there and face them. That’s what the working class demands. Every Hispanic who can hear my voice if you vote for these demon Democrats they’re out to destroy you and your family. Don’t take my word for it. Go down to Del Rio, Texas!

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